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BioMor® Curcumin

Faster-Acting, Longer-Lasting, Best- Bioavailable Curcumin

BioMor Curcumin Supplement Facts
Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with other curcumin 95 percent extracts.

ABOVE: A well-conducted single-dose human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin is up to 800% more bioavailable (in both absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than conventional 95% curcumin extracts. (8,23)

BioMor Curcumin

Clinically Proven and Patented

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I judge by my knees! My brother gave me a bottle of Biomor Curcumin and it works much better for me than the other brands of curcumin.” —Mr. M.V.*

“Both my wife and I are taking Biomor Curcumin. It has been very effective for both of us. We have tried many brands of curcumin, including one that appears very similar except the other is manufactured using stearates. I felt a very significant difference between Biomor Curcumin and the other brands. I also found Biomor Curcumin is less expensive because I take less, with better results. I'm very happy with Biomor Curcumin.” —Mr. J.S.*

“I want to tell your company that your Biomor Curcumin is doing wonderful things for my wife. We've tried various curcumin products and this one is the best.”Mr. R.B.*

“It (Biomor Curcumin) has been working GREAT for my arthritic knees!!! I was going to have additional shots but decided to try these instead. AMAZING RESULTS!!!!”Mr. B.C.*

“My daughter takes Biomor Curcumin for boils and I want to tell you it really helps.” —Ms. T.C.*

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