BioMor Curcumin is Patented for Best Absorption, Faster-Acting, Longer-Lasting Curcumin

Patented for Best Absorption, Faster-Acting, Longer-Lasting Curcumin

BioMor® Curcumin


BioMor Curcumin Supplement Facts
No Pesticides, No Herbicides

Contains no sugar, salt, corn, milk, yeast, soy, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

No pesticides or herbicides or GMOs: BIOMOR® Curcumin is extracted from turmeric exclusively grown in northeast India without using pesticides, chemicals or herbicides or GMOs.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, one or two capsules twice a day or as directed by your health professional.

Best Absorption, Faster-Acting, Longer-Lasting

Validated by Patents and Published Clinical and Scientific Trials

BIOMOR® Curcumin is a breakthrough product. A large body of scientific literature shows many remarkable health benefits of curcumin (extracted from turmeric) but the problem is that curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. (1,4)

BIOMOR® Curcumin is a clinically-proven and patented combination of curcuminoids and essential oils—with no additives—which results in up to 800% greater curcumin absorption in humans—and it's faster-acting and longer-lasting compared to other 95% standardized curcumin extracts. (8,9,23)

BIOMOR® Curcumin has been extensively tested in clinical trials at academic institutions worldwide. (23)

BIOMOR® Curcumin contains no additives. BIOMOR® Curcumin is formulated with components of turmeric normally removed during extraction and creates an inherent synergy of turmeric's natural components to dramatically increase blood levels of curcumin. The manufacturing process relies upon a specific ratio of curcuminoids reconstituted with a high content of sesquiterpenoids (turmeric essential oil compounds). The process is patented and the subject of on-going clinical trials. (8,9,23)

How Does BIOMOR® Curcumin Compare to Other 95% Standardized Curcumin Products?

Some curcumin brands claim to be zillons of times better than “native” curcumin. But that's not a useful comparision since turmeric contains only 2-6% native curcumin.

The following charts show how BIOMOR® Curcumin compares to other 95%-standardized curcumin extracts in human clinical trials. The chart data was taken from published studies, cited in the U.S. Patents. (23)

500 milligrams of BIOMOR 95 percent Curcumin is equivalent to up to 4,000 milligrams other 95 percent curcumin 95 percent, and is equivalent to 3,185 milligrams of 95 percent curcumin with piperine.

ABOVE: Human clinical trials show taking 500 milligrams of BIOMOR® Curcumin is equivalent to up to 4,000 milligrams other 95%-standardized curcumin, and is equivalent to 3,185 milligrams of 95%-standardized curcumin with piperine. (9)

Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with other curcumin 95 percent extracts.

ABOVE: A well-conducted single-dose human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin is up to 800% more bioavailable (in both absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than conventional 95%-standardized curcumin extracts. (8,23)

Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with curcumin 95 percent extract blended with piperine and lecithin.

ABOVE: A cross-over human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin provides 637% greater bioavailability (absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than 95%-standardized curcumin blended with piperine and lecithin. (9,23)

Natural Pathway for Oral  Curcumin Absorption

Other 95%-standardized curcumin products are mostly excreted as waste. Human trials show BIOMOR® Curcumin has up to 800% better absorption into the blood and organs. (23)

Bioavailability is accurately measured by what absorbs into your blood.

Contrary to a popular theory, taking curcumin with oil is not shown to improve absorption of curcumin into the blood (see chart above).

U.S. Patented for up to 800 Percent Greater Absorption
Full-Disclosure Labeling

The Supplement Facts label for BIOMOR® Curcumin is full disclosure:

  • Each capsule (1 Capsule Per Serving)
  • contains 500 mg of “curcuminoids complex,”
  • which is standardized to 95% “total curcuminoids”
  • (500 mg x 95% = 475 mg),
  • so the “total curcuminoids” equals 475 mg,
  • plus essential oils of turmeric.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is a clinically-proven and patented combination of 95% curcuminoids PLUS essential oils (components of turmeric normally removed during the extraction process) which results in up to 800% greater curcumin absorption in humans—and it's faster-acting and longer-lasting compared to other 95% standardized curcumin extracts. (8,9,23,24)

How to Read and Compare Supplement Facts for Curcumin

BioMor Curcumin Supplement Facts
  1. Compare “Serving Size.”
    Some labels show milligrams for more than one capsule.
  2. How much curcuminoids complex is in each capsule?
    Tip: the terms “curcumin” and “curcuminoids” are used interchangeably in the marketplace.
  3. Is the curcumin standardized to 95%?
    The industry standard is 95% and anything lower is below standard.*
  4. How much pure (100%) curcumin is in each capsule?
    Multiply by the standard. When the label shows “standardized to 95%,” multiply the total by 95%.

*Until very recently, all reputable curcumin products were standardized to 95%. But now that curcumin has become so popular, many newer brands use lower standards—and some brands fail to disclose a standard used.

Why isn't curcumin standardized to 100%? It's simply not cost-effective. So, the industry-standard for curcumin is 95% and the remaining 5% is un-standardized curcumin.

Why is this important?

Ambiguous terms like “Proprietary Complex” and using undisclosed standards leave consumers guessing about how much curcumin is truly in each capsule. See chart below.

How Much Curcumin is Truly in the Capsule/Softgel? Curcumin Levels per Capsule/Softgel. BioMor Curcumin 500 milligrams capsule contains 475 milligrams of curcuminoids standardized to 95% stated on the label. Curcumin plus phospholipids 750 milligrams softgel contains 475 milligrams curcuminoids standardized to 95%, label states 500 milligrams curcuminoids complex which contains 475 milligrams of standardized curcuminoids. Curcumin with piperine 500 milligrams capsule contains 475 milligrams of curcuminoids standardized to 95% stated on the label.  Curcumin-Lecithin Complex 500 milligrams capsule contains 100 milligrams of curcuminoids not stated on label, 20% curcumin according to manufacturer's website. Water Dispersible Nano Curcumin 300 milligrams capsule contains 90 milligrams of curcuminoids, 30% stated on the label. Turmeric with Native Curcumin 500 milligrams capsule contains 10 to 30 milligrams of curcuminoids per capsule, 2-6 % not stated on the label, turmeric root consists of 2 to 6% native curcuminoids. Nano-emulsion Curcumin 88 milligrams softgel contains 48 milligrams of total curcuminoids, stated on the label, standardized to 95% according to manufacturer's website. Logo: BioMor Curcumin is patented for up to 800% greater absorption. Published, peer-reviewed, human clinical trials show BioMor Curcumin has up to: 800% greater absorption compared to 95% standardized curcumin extract or 38,000% greater than un-standardized native turmeric extract.
NO EDC: No Toxic Solvents

Widespread Use of Toxic EDC Solvent Found in Curcumin Products

Deprecated Testing Method Fails to Reveal Toxic Solvent Residue

Shocking data shows widespread contamination of curcumin products with a Class-1 residual solvent known as EDC (1,2-dichloroethane). A study published in Integrative Medicine found EDC contamination in finished curcumin products. The researchers said the problem is so widespread that “curcumin extract with an EDC amount less than 5 ppm is not easily found.” (24)

According to the Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the Department of Health and Human Services, the potential health effects of exposure to the Class-1 solvent at levels above 5 ppm (parts-per-million) are:

  • SHORT-TERM EFFECTS OF EDC: central nervous system disorders; adverse liver, kidney, and lung effects; and heart failure.
  • LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF EDC: probable carcinogen.

Why do companies use harmful solvents in manufacturing curcumin?

To lower manufacturing costs. Using EDC results in a much higher yield of curcumin.

The problem is further complicated because an unapproved testing method is often used so toxins remain undetected and blindly passes through GMP standards. (GMP is the minimum legal requirement for supplements manufactured in the USA.) So, uninformed manufacturers and retailers may not even realize their curcumin products contain unsafe solvents.

Facts Consumers need to know about Curcumin

  1. Which testing methods are available for herbal extracts?
    • GC-MS (Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry)
    • GC-HEADSPACE (Gas Chromatography Headspace)
  2. How should curcumin be tested?
  3. Why don't all manufacturers use the correct method?
    • Cost. GC-HEADSPACE is far more expensive than GC-MS.

Why is the wrong testing method commonly used?

Cost. It's important to note that use of GC-MS for curcumin is not illegal but merely un-approved by the USP/FDA.

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) sets the standards used by the Food and Drug Association (FDA).

GC-MS is reliable for many other herbal extracts. And, use of GC-MS testing for curcumin was acceptable years ago but has been deprecated by the USP because they found it fails to dissolve curcumin crystals and contaminants remain undetected.

So, only GC-HEADSPACE is reliable and approved for testing curcumin.

GC-HEADSPACE is the only FDA-approved method for testing curcumin.

  • GC-MS is un-approved by USP/FDA for curcumin because it does not breakdown or dissolve curcumin crystals, so contaminants remain undetected.
  • GC-HEADSPACE is approved by USP/FDA for curcumin because it vaporizes curcumin crystals and releases any solvents.

GC-MS testing fails to dissolve curcumin crystals and contaminants remain undetected.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is tested using GC-HEADSPACE to confirm purity and safety—always exceeding current USP/FDA standards.

Grown Without Use of Pesticides or Chemicals

Grown Without Pesticides or Chemicals

  • Non-ETO (pesticide commonly used in spices)
  • Non-irradiated
  • Oxalate-free
  • Safe, class 3 (food-grade) solvent extraction
  • Prop 65 compliant
  • Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status
  • BIOMOR® Curcumin is cultivated using organic practices.
  • BIOMOR® Curcumin is ethically harvested using fair practices.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is extracted from turmeric exclusively grown in northeast India without using pesticides, chemicals or herbicides. The crops are sustainably tended by independent local farmers who receive fair and competitive payment. Each batch of raw materials is analyzed and tested in India and the United States according to USP/FDA standards.

No Additives: No Pepper Extract, No Piperine

BIOMOR® Curcumin Contains No Piperine

Piperine (pepper extract) is commonly added to curcumin supplements to increase blood levels of the herb. However, piperine is a problem for many consumers because the additive should be taken cautiously (if at all) by anyone taking medications. Piperine is a potent inhibitor of drug metabolism, which means piperine spikes blood levels of many prescription medications, according to the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. (5)

Some research suggests piperine is safe in small amounts but large amounts of piperine may be damaging to the liver or other organs. Experts advise against consuming more than 15 mg of piperine per day. (11)

Piperine inhibits specific enzymes in the lining of the gut (CYP enzymes) which otherwise breakdown certain compounds. Piperine may also affect permeability of the intestine. (27)

Piperine is known to have central nervous system (CNS) depressant effects. (12, 13)

A review of published research articles reveals piperine is toxic in experimental animals. (17-21)

Since piperine is a component of black pepper, consumers with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to black pepper should avoid piperine.

BIOMOR® obtains superior bioavailability, enhanced absorption and longer retention in the blood without piperine.

No Stearates: No vegetable lubricants

BIOMOR® Curcumin Contains NO STEARATES and NO “Vegetable Lubricants”

Stearates (known as “vegetable lubricants” and including magnesium stearate) are hydrogenated oils added at production as a flowing agent, to save manufacturing costs. These fatty substances coat every particle of curcumin, so the particles flow rapidly through machinery.

Magnesium stearate is formed by adding a magnesium ion to stearic acid. Research found stearic acid suppresses T cells, causing collapse of cell membrane integrity and eventually cell function. Another study found that using stearates in supplements reduced the dissolving rate by 65%. (25, 26)

Do the production-coating-oils compromise safety and bioavailability? We think so, and that is why BIOMOR® Curcumin is manufactured without it.

No Synthetic Curcumin: No petroleum based curcumin, all turmeric derived, all natural

Warning About Synthetics Found

Petroleum-Based Synthetic Curcumin Sold as Natural

Radio-carbon-dating testing by the University of Georgia shows various commercially available “natural” curcumin supplements are not all-natural, but are mixed with synthetic, petroleum-derived curcumin.

Why Does it Matter?

There are physical and pharmacological differences. Natural curcumin is extracted from the turmeric plant, whereas synthetic curcumin is made from petroleum-based chemicals. Natural curcumin contains naturally-formed compounds of curcuminoid molecules bonded with small portions of other helper-compounds in turmeric. Synthetic curcumin may copy three curcuminoids, or only one, or two. Artificial molecules lack any synergistic helper-compounds found in the turmeric plant. Most importantly, synthetic curcumin has no record of long-term safe use, nor are there studies showing whether it is beneficial in the same manner as natural curcumin for health.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is 100% Turmeric and All Natural

The patented manufacturing method for BIOMOR® Curcumin uses a specific ratio of all-turmeric-derived curcuminoids with a high content of sesquiterpenoids (turmeric-derived essential oil compounds). (24)

No GMOs, no genetic modification

BIOMOR® Curcumin is Non-GMO

  • BIOMOR® Curcumin is NON-GMO.
  • Genetic engineering (GMOs) prohibited.
  • BIOMOR® Curcumin is cultivated using organic practices.
  • BIOMOR® Curcumin is ethically harvested using fair practices.
Clinically Proven Effective and Safe

Clinically Proven Safe and Effective

BIOMOR® Curcumin has been extensively tested in clinical trials at academic institutions worldwide.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is composed of a patented combination of curcuminoids and essential oils—with no additives.

Even though many herbs and medicinal plants contain various biologically active compounds that may trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements or medications, curcumin (without piperine) is considered very safe. (1)

BIOMOR® Curcumin has been tested for toxicity in peer-reviewed safety studies. In all investigations, BIOMOR® Curcumin was found safe and nontoxic in high doses. There were no significant changes in hematological and biochemical parameters. Interestingly, researchers found high doses of BIOMOR® Curcumin caused a healthy decrease in serum cholesterol. (10)

Hi there. I have been taking your BioMor Curcumin for about 6-8 months now. I will always take it. I have a bad back and it helps alleviate swelling and pain from that but I have done some reading about the longer term benefits of taking it and am so glad to be a customer... Thank you. —Mr. Ed K.*

My husband is a lumber grader and so he uses his shoulders and arms a lot. He has been taking 2 BioMor Curcumin and 2 Flavay Plus per day and he noticed how his shoulders and arms are feeling better. Even his psoriasis is better. Thank you for helping us with something that helps my husband so much! —Ms. D.E.*

Both my wife and I are taking Biomor Curcumin. It has been very effective for both of us. We have tried many brands of curcumin, including one that appears very similar except the other is manufactured using stearates. I felt a very significant difference between Biomor Curcumin and the other brands. I also found Biomor Curcumin is less expensive because I take less, with better results. I'm very happy with Biomor Curcumin —Mr. J.S.*

Thank God I found your Biomor Curcumin! My nutritionist recommended I take 5,000 mg curcumin per day, so I tried several brands of curcumin. Of one brand with piperine, I took 8 per day of 580 mg per capsule (4,440 mg per day). Of another brand, also with piperine, I took 6 per day of 875 mg per capsule (5,250 mg per day). Both of the curcumin products with piperine caused me to feel extremely exhausted, to the point where I couldn't do anything but rest. It seems the piperine reacted with my medications. So, I'm so glad to have to have found Biomor Curcumin. I began feeling good with only one 500 mg capsule before bedtime, and I will begin to take another in the morning (1,000 mg per day). I feel great taking Biomor Curcumin. —Mr. N. Smith*

I want to tell your company that your Biomor Curcumin is doing wonderful things for my wife. We've tried various curcumin products and this one is the best. —Mr. R.B.*

It (Biomor Curcumin) has been working GREAT for my arthritic knees!!! I was going to have additional shots but decided to try these instead. AMAZING RESULTS!!!! —Mr. B.C.*

My daughter takes Biomor Curcumin for boils and I want to tell you it really helps. —Ms. T.C.*

I judge by my knees! My brother gave me a bottle of Biomor Curcumin and it works much better for me than the other brands of curcumin. —Mr. M.V.*

I'm getting relief from arthritis symptoms in my right knee (taking both Flavay and Biomor Curcumin). Sitting for long periods or getting out of my car was very painful for those first 5-10 steps, but no longer. The swelling in my knee has also subsided and the range of motion has come back... I'm definitely much better and in less pain than before. Another benefit I also noticed is that dry skin in both of my lower legs/ankle area has disappeared. —Mr. B.M.*

Thank you for Biomor Curcumin. I have a muscle disease which affords me little strength, and severe osteoarthritis. I cannot take NSAIDs or steroids due to severe diverticulosis. Biomor Curcumin gives me the flexibility to be able to move about freely. I was about to enter a nursing facility and was introduced to your fine product. —Mr. Kenneth W.*

I am not one to review products, but i can't deny some of the benefits i've experienced using both your curcumin and flavay products. I've been taking both for a few months now, and the two major benefits i've noticed are 1) joint strength and mobility (for workouts) as i am lifting much heavier weights without injury 2) I am a paroxsymal Afib sufferer, and my episodes have gone from 2-3 per week down to zero (most weeks). This can't just be a coincidence. I think there is definitely something in your formulas that stop inflammation and get your body in balance and healing itself. —Mr. B.V.W.*

I am your best Fan...Go BIOMOR...Ra Ra Ra... 😊 😊 —Mr. George D.*

I can't believe what this stuff (BioMor Curcumin) has done for me! I just can't believe it! I was in three car wrecks and so I could hardly move and I was so stiff. But after about 3 weeks jumped out of bed! —Mr. Mike T.*

I've been taking one BioMor Curcumin a day for a long time. It does help. It works well, that's all I'll say. —Mr. John R.*

* Results vary by person and are not guaranteed. NOTE: We do not compensate for our endorsements and testimonials. We do not consider paid testimonials to be nearly as valuable as comments from customers who were not compensated and yet liked the products so much they gave their testimonials anyway.
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