BioMor Curcumin

BIOMOR® Curcumin is a breakthrough product. A large body of scientific literature shows many remarkable health benefits of curcumin (extracted from turmeric) but the problem is that curcumin is poorly absorbed into your bloodstream.

500 milligrams of BIOMOR Curcumin is equivalent to up to 4,000 milligrams other curcumin 95 percent, and is equivalent to 3,185 milligrams of curcumin with piperine.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is produced using a patented technology that results in up to 800% greater curcumin absorption in humans—and it's faster-acting and longer-lasting—compared to other curcumin extracts. (8,9,23)

Oral Curcumin Absorption

Using no additives, BIOMOR® Curcumin is formulated with components of turmeric normally removed during extraction and creates an inherent synergy of turmeric's natural components to dramatically increase blood levels of curcumin. This manufacturing process is patented and the subject of on-going clinical trials. (8,9,23)

Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with Other Curcumin 95 percent extracts

A well-conducted single-dose human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin is up to 800% more bioavailable (in both absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than conventional 95% curcumin extracts. (8,9,23)

Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with Curcumin 95 percent extract blended with piperine and lecithin.

A published cross-over human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin provides 637% greater bioavailability (absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than curcumin blended with piperine and lecithin. (9) NOTE: Experts advise against consuming more than 15 mg of piperine per day.

BIOMOR® Curcumin Contains NO STEARATES

and NO “Vegetable Lubricants”

Stearates (known as “vegetable lubricants” and including magnesium stearate) are hydrogenated oils added at production as a flowing agent, to save manufacturing costs. These fatty substances coat every particle of curcumin, so the particles flow rapidly through machinery.

Magnesium stearate is formed by adding a magnesium ion to stearic acid. Research found stearic acid suppresses T cells, causing collapse of cell membrane integrity and eventually cell function. (25). Another study found that using stearates in supplements reduced the dissolving rate by 65%. (26)

Do the production-coating-oils compromise safety and bioavailability? We think so and this is why BIOMOR® Curcumin is manufactured without it.

It's all about what your body can absorb and BIOMOR® Curcumin is simply the highest-quality curcumin available.

Warnings About Un-Approved Solvents Found in Curcumin Extracts

Widespread Use of Toxic EDC Solvent Found

Shocking data shows widespread contamination of curcumin products with a Class-1 residual solvent known as EDC (1,2-dichloroethane). According to the Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the Department of Health and Human Services, the potential health effects of exposure to the Class-1 solvent at levels above 5 ppm (parts-per-million) are:

  • SHORT-TERM EFFECTS OF EDC: central nervous system disorders; adverse liver, kidney, and lung effects; and heart failure.
  • LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF EDC: probable carcinogen.

The problem is so widespread, according to the researchers, “curcumin extract with an EDC amount less than 5 ppm is not easily found.” (24)


BIOMOR® CURCUMIN is extracted from turmeric using only a USP/FDA-approved Class-2 solvent.

Why is GC-MS testing used?

Because it can be reliable for other herbs. Note that use of GC-MS for curcumin is not illegal, but un-approved, by USP/FDA. (USP sets the standards used by FDA.)

WARNING ABOUT TESTING METHODS used to Determine Solvent Residue in Curcumin:

  • GC-MS testing is un-approved by USP/FDA for curcumin is because it does not break or dissolve curcumin crystals, so contaminants remain undetected, whereas
  • GC-HEADSPACE is the approved test by USP/FDA for curcumin as it vaporizes curcumin crystals and releases any solvents.

Each batch of BIOMOR® CURCUMIN is tested using GC-HEADSPACE to confirm purity and safety--always exceeding current USP/FDA standards.

BioMor Curcumin

Clinically Proven and Patented

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“Both my wife and I have…and we are both taking BIOMOR® Curcumin. It has been very effective for both of us. We have tried many brands of curcumin, including one that appears very similar except the other is manufactured using stearates. I felt a very significant difference between BIOMOR® Curcumin and the other brands. I also found BIOMOR® Curcumin is less expensive because I take less, with better results. I'm very happy with BIOMOR® Curcumin.”
Mr. J.S.

“Thank God I found your BIOMOR® Curcumin! My nutritionist recommended I take 5,000 mg curcumin per day, so I tried several brands of curcumin. Of one brand with piperine, I took 8 per day of 580 mg per capsule (4,440 mg per day). Of another brand, also with piperine, I took 6 per day of 875 mg per capsule (5,250 mg per day). Both of the curcumin products with piperine caused me to feel extremely exhausted, to the point where I couldn't do anything but rest. It seems the piperine reacted with my medications. So, I'm so glad to have to have found BIOMOR® Curcumin. I began feeling good with only one 500 mg capsule before bedtime, and I will begin to take another in the morning (1,000 mg per day). I feel great taking BIOMOR® Curcumin.”
Mr. N. Smith

“I want to tell your company that your BIOMOR® Curcumin is doing wonderful things for my wife. We've tried various curcumin products and this one is the best.”
Mr. R.B.

“It [BIOMOR® Curcumin] has been working GREAT for my arthritic knees!!! I was going to have additional shots but decided to try these instead. AMAZING RESULTS!!!!”
Mr. B.C.

“My daughter takes BioMor® Curcumin for boils and I want to tell you it really helps.”
Ms. T.C.

“I'm getting relief from arthritis symptoms in my right knee [taking both Flavay® and BioMor® Curcumin]. Sitting for long periods or getting out of my car was very painful for those first 5-10 steps, but no longer. The swelling in my knee has also subsided and the range of motion has come back... I'm definitely much better and in less pain than before. Another benefit I also noticed is that dry skin in both of my lower legs/ankle area has disappeared.”
Mr. B.M.

“Thank you for Biomor® Curcumin. I have a muscle disease which affords me little strength, and severe osteoarthritis. I cannot take NSAIDs or steroids due to severe diverticulosis. Biomor® gives me the flexibility to be able to move about freely. I was about to enter a nursing facility and was introduced to your fine product. May God bless you always and continue to develop such fine products.”
Ms. Kenneth W.

BioMor Curcumin

Clinically Proven and Patented

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