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Improve Collagen and Circulation Throughout Your Body and Brain

Flavay Supplement Facts

Clinically Proven and Patented

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Flavay U.S. and INTERNATIONAL PATENTS and Clinically Proven

Flavay® is the name you can trust for the precisely-defined small-cluster active principles perfected, patented and manufactured in France since 1950 under strict pharmaceutical regulations governed by the French Ministry of Health.

  • THE ORIGINAL Small-Cluster Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complex extracted from French Maritime Pine Bark Extract and Vitis Vinifera Grape Seed

  • Clinically Proven Since 1947

  • Awarded U.S. and International Patents Since 1948

  • Proven Safe and Effective by Human Studies and Used Worldwide Since 1950

The highly-defined proanthocyanidin complexes in Flavay® have been subject to intensive biological, toxicological, pharmacological and analytical research—and approved in Europe for over-the-counter medicines for venous insufficiency (for making vessels stronger and more elastic).

Flavay® is formulated to remove the large-clusters of proanthocyanidins and to include only the smallest clusters of proanthocyanidins. The oligomeric (small-cluster) proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in Flavay® are organic clusters of dimers (2), trimers (3), tetramers (4) and pentamers (5) —and no larger.

The Complex Structure of Proanthocyanidins

Unlike single nutrients such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol), proanthocyanidins are very complex and require specialized knowledge and technology in order to be accurately identified and quantified.

Flavay® is THE ORIGINAL small-cluster complex. With more than 65 years of scientific research, patents and clinical studies, rigorous manufacturing controls and comprehensive identity-testing to safeguard quality and consistency, Flavay® is the name you can trust for THE ORIGINAL oligomeric (small-cluster) proanthocyanidins (OPCs) complex which has been continuously manufactured in France since 1950.

Clusters of proanthocyanidins must have a certain molecular size to be effective.

Large clusters of 6-or-more proanthocyanidins are non-nutritive and cannot pass the intestinal tract into the blood, they are too large to fit between collagen fibrils and unable to repair decayed collagen.

Large-clusters (6-or-more) of proanthocyanidins are non-nutritive and can be unhealthy.

All proanthocyanidins show an affinity for proteins. But large-clusters are so powerful that they “crush” where the small-clusters gently stay in check with the delicacy of the tissues they protect.

Large-clusters are known as “tannins” and were used for tanning leather before natural tanning materials were replaced by chemicals.

Flavay® isolates and removes the large-clusters and includes only small-clusters (2-5) of proanthocyanidins.

Flavay® is formulated to remove the large-clusters and to include only the small organic clusters of dimers (2), trimers (3), tetramers (4) and pentamers (5)—and no larger. *

Organic Acids

Flavay® also retains small amounts of other substances called organic acids, including caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, fumaric acid, gallic acid, vanillic acid, ferulic acid, resveratrol and related substances. These “minor” organic acids make a significant and positive contribution to the beneficial effects of Flavay®.

Proven Safety

Flavay U.S. and INTERNATIONAL PATENTS and Clinically Proven

Flavay® has withstood the test of time. After more than 65 years of human use, no adverse effects have been observed. Furthermore, intensive biological, toxicological, pharmacological and analytical research was conducted for the purpose of registration as a medicine in France and other countries in Europe. Flavay® was clinically tested, in particular for all sorts of symptoms related to venolymphatic insufficiencies. The spin-off is a goldmine of data.

The rigorous testing to meet the standards required by the health ministries of France, Germany, and other European countries demonstrates that Flavay® is fully bioavailable, nontoxic, nonallergenic, noncarcinogenic, nonmutagenic, will not cause birth defects and completely safe. (1,90-94)

Four Key Actions of Flavay®

“I know taking vitamins is good for you but this is much more than that. Because of taking Flavay and Flavay Plus I experience substantial improvement in mental sharpness, acuity and in the ability to react quickly and stay on top of situations while auto racing.” —dentist*

“Flavay is a product I cannot stop taking. When I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks, my neuropathy and arthritis pain come raging back. So I started again on Flavay and the pain is almost completely gone. Now I'm afraid to quit!” —Ms. Elsa D.*

“I started taking Flavay for arthritis pain and I feel so much better! I'm so thrilled!” —Ms. Susan S.*

“After taking Flavay for just a week, my sister is doing things she couldn’t do before, such as bending over to pick things up off the floor.” —Mr. Joe C.*

“Your Flavay really helps my husband's chronic pain syndrome and we're almost out! Please ship asap!” —Mr. S.K.*

“I’ve given many supplements time to work so I know what I’m saying here. Flavay is the only supplement I've ever used that affects my outward appearance significantly. Initially, benefits to my skin were secondary benefits to me because I was taking Flavay for pain and mobility. Now I take Flavay as much for the benefits to my skin as for joint pain. Expensive creams and skin treatments don't do what Flavay does for your skin.” —Mr. Harrison S.*

“This stuff is amazing! Flavay is really helping me! I have a skin problem and since I've been taking Flavay the blisters have stopped coming and my skin is starting to heal. I've had this problem for many years. I've tried everything, and nothing else worked.” —Mr. Wayne H.*

“I’ve got three of us taking Flavay, all three of us got better from glaucoma. I’m 82 and a healthy man and I still act like one. I take two Flavay per day.” —Mr. Harvey S.*

“Flavay has really helped with my glaucoma. After a few weeks my doctor was surprised because my numbers went down.” —Ms. Yvonne B.*

“My mom says she feels better and so she stops taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, and then she notices her vision starts getting worse and her memory starts slipping, so she gets back on Flavay and Flavay Plus. She loves what they do for her.” —Ms. X.Y.*

“I just want to say that I love Flavay (for 9 years). When I stop taking it, the pain comes right back.” —Mr. Mark H.*

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